Friday, April 10, 2009

Kevin's Tips Paid to Read Tips to success

Here are some of my tips to help YOU SUCCEED!

PAID to READ Tips!

* Make a seperate email account for all your PTR emails. This will help you from feeling overwhelmed anytime you just want to view your personal mail.

* Stay ORGANIZED! Choose a unique username and password, and write them down! I have a folder in My Documents made just for all this info. I stay organized by saving everything in Word docs.

* Don't bother reading less than 3 cent emails unless you are REALLY commited. You will NEVER make any money.

*Just read SOLO ads to begin with. Shared ads suck up alot of time for not alot of money.

* Make sure to read EVERYTHING when you get started!! Although, I have already checked out all the sites I have posted, you should become famaliar with the various USER AGREEMENTS and such.

* Become familiar with the various Terms and what they mean. You should know what each sites payout level and how much their emails are worth as well as how often they are sent out.

*Emails - Although you are suppose to read the entire email... don't get bogged down reading every word. I skim most emails and then click on the paid link. This will SAVE you lots of TIME!

* While a websites ad timers won't allow you to click another paid link before the first's timer has expired, they DON'T prevent you from viewing 2 seperate sites' PTRE paid links at once. This means you could have several ads open at once and save yourself LOTS of time.

*When selecting categories of interest as part of your sign-up page information, DO NOT click any of the boxes that say: "I Cheat" (or anything containing the word "cheat"), or "I cannot read English" or other choices of that nature.

*Try not to fall too far behind reading emails. Every email is worth money to you and you don't want to have to start deleting emails to clear out your mailbox if you don't have to.

Internet Terms and Jargon
Here is a list of terms and there meanings that you will run into on various sites:

Ad Timers - Timers that start when you click on the Paid Link in each PTRE you open. When these timers expire, you will receive credit for reading the email. These timers also prevent you from viewing multiple ads from the same site at once. HOWEVER, ad timers from different sites (ie one from Heavy Metal Mails and one from Dixie Emails) do not effect each other.

Downline - All the members of a particular site that have been refered by you or to your account. Most websites offer you a percentage of your downlines earnings.

PTRE or PTR - "Paid to Read Emails" or "Paid to Read"

Paid Link - This is a link present in all PTRE. THIS IS HOW YOU GET MONEY! After reading over the email, click on this link. A new page will open with an ad timer(or security check). When this timer expires, your account will be credited.

PAYOUT - This is the minimum amount of money/points you must accumulate at any given site before you are eligible to receive your earnings. Most companies Payout using some online service such as Paypal or Stormpay.

PAYPAL - This is an online company that many PTRE sites use to payout there members with. I have used paypal for years through eBay and they are very reliable. I recomend setting up an account if you don't already have one. Go to to set up a free account.

PTC - "Paid to Click." Refers to paid to click ads that most PTRE websites offer. Great way to make more money, even after you have read all your emails.

Security Checks - These are set up to prevent cheaters. Sometimes when you click on your paid link a security check will come up. Simply click on the four digit link that matches the digits in the picture. This is to prevent automated systems from cheating.

Shared Ad - These are emails that have several advertisement links posted in one message. You have to click all the links to make the full amount of money. I find them to be a waste of time and usually delete them.

Solo Ad - These are emails that have only one advertised link per message. This is were the money is at. Most of the sites I have posted send mainly Solo mails.

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